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Marble – Classic, Stylish, Desirable

Natural stone in any form adds tremendous beauty to your home, but the addition of marble gives a perfect touch of style to any room in your home. Sought after for centuries: Marble has been sought after and used for centuries. Its uniqueness is surely in the fact that no two pieces of marble are [...]

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Enhance The Appeal Of Your Outdoor Areas With Natural Stone Paving

Natural stone paving can make a huge difference to the outside of your property. With thought, planning and professional installation you can turn driveways, patio areas, garden paths and steps into spaces that are easy on the eye, look very stylish and certainly attract attention. Here’s 6 reasons to consider natural stone paving for your [...]

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Front Pathway & Stone Porch Designs

They say that first impressions count. That being the case, you should take time to consider the different types of stone front pathway and porch area design to emphasise this visually important part of your home. The positive news is that there is a wide scope when it comes to material and design options. [...]

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An Attractive Patio Installation Will Benefit You And Your Home

Those have just moved into a property or anyone looking to give their existing home a new lease of life should consider the installation of a new patio as a very positive step. Let’s take a look at several advantages of such a patio installation with the first being something that all members of the [...]

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3 Reasons You May Need Stone Step Services

It may not seem like a hot topic for the average person, but if you are a homeowner or own a commercial building, then this subject may just cross your path. Often we just take steps for granted and lets the fact it, it is hard not to. It is not often you hear someone [...]

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Stone garden steps London

Pottering as well as relaxing in a garden area are pastimes enjoyed by millions of homeowners. Your garden – Your design preference! Part of the joy of gardens is that we all have our own ideas on how they should look and whether they are established as low, medium or high maintenance features. The level [...]

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The Beauty Of Restoring Old Stone Flooring

The beauty of restoring old stone flooring in a property is something many homeowners dismiss. There are many reasons they should not! Think twice before removing original stone flooring: Any new property owner moving into a house that includes original stone flooring should take time to understand the potential benefits of bringing it back [...]

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