Entrance steps to house transformed, Victorian terrace, London

Pictured: The transformed entrance steps of a Victorian terrace in Maida Vale, showcasing the expertise of the Stone Steps and Paving team.

Pictured: The transformed entrance steps (pictured left) of a Victorian terrace in Maida Vale, created and installed by the Stone Steps and Paving team

Stone Steps and Paving transformed the entrance steps of a Victorian terraced house on Fordingley Road, Maida Vale, London W9. By replacing the damaged steps with new stone, incorporating a waterproofing system, and restoring the original metal coal hole cover, we not only solved the practical issues facing the property but also enhanced its historical charm and curb appeal.

The challenge: Leaking asphalted steps, shabby coal hole, walls and more

We were called in by the owners of a traditional Victorian terraced property in Fordingley Road, Maida Vale, London W9. The property had the original stone steps still in place, but they had been covered with asphalt several years ago by a previous owner. The asphalt had cracked and split and rainwater was leaking through at the top of the steps into the basement level of the property, which had been converted into an open plan kitchen. The leaks were also causing issues in the storage area directly under the steps.

As the staircase is a double, adjoined with next door, there were a number of issues to overcome. Both sides of the steps had been asphalted but we were only to replace the left side of the staircase.

Before and after photo: Entrance steps transformed

BeforeStone steps after replacement

Pictured: Before and after photo showing the difference between the old asphalt-covered steps and the new stone steps (pictured left) that our team created and installed

About our work on this project

We carefully cut the asphalt down the centre of the steps, leaving the right side intact, allowing us to carefully strip off the left side.

We removed the old steps and rebuilt the supporting brickwork as required. Consistent water ingress weakens the mortar and density of the bricks so we replaced quite a few to ensure the structure was solid and safe to build on.

Then we installed our waterproofing system, and placed the new stone steps above it.

At the entrance gate, we cut a recess into the new platform stone so a faux coal hole could be installed – preventing future leaks. The original metal coal hole lid was trimmed down in depth, treated and refurbished then dropped into the recessed stone to give the appearance of the original design. As there’s only a recess and not an actual hole the waterproofing is not compromised.

Pictured: The asphalted steps and coal hole cover before replacement and restoration by our team

Once all the staircase stone was in and pointed, we built a new plinth wall that divides the neighbouring staircases and seals the waterproofing.

In the upper porch area, we repaired, rendered and redecorated.

We also rendered the side of the steps. This wall was painted white to reflect sunlight into the open plan kitchen dining area in the basement.

At our workshop, we refurbished the original metal railings. We then reinstalled them to the staircase, adding a few new replacement sections where needed, for stability.

A side view of the asphalted steps and coal hole before replacement

Pictured: A side view of the asphalted steps before replacement

The result

The client was very happy with the quality of our work and asked if we had time to rebuild their front wall while still on site. Fortunately we could push the next job back a little and were happy to oblige. We had some spare matching stones, so we were able to install some matching stone pier free of charge. We were on site for four weeks from start to finish.

Another view of the new stone steps

Pictured: Another view of the new stone steps, staircase and wall that the Stone Steps and Paving team created and installed

Project summary

In Maida Vale, London W9, Stone Steps and Paving expertly revitalised the entrance steps of a Victorian terrace, addressing structural and waterproofing issues. The comprehensive work included replacing damaged steps, installing a waterproofing system, and restoring architectural features like the metal coal hole lid. The project not only enhanced the property’s appearance but also preserved its historical integrity.

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