Portland stone steps, London. Waterproofed and decorated

Portland stone steps London

Pictured: New waterproofed bullnose Portland stone steps that we crafted and installed to a Victorian home in Blenheim Crescent, London W11

We replaced and upgraded the front door stone steps of a Victorian-era home in Blenheim Crescent, in the Notting Hill district of west London. We replaced asphalt-covered steps with period-correct Portland stone and staircase design. We also installed our proprietary waterproofing system that prevents leaks and will help to protect the basement from the rainfall that has caused so much damage in this part of the city.

The homeowners called us in to create attractive front door steps that would enhance the appeal of their impressive, large, Victorian terraced property. The existing steps were worn, ugly and covered in damaged asphalt. They also wanted a more robust waterproofing solution for their external staircase. The property’s basement had previously been damaged by the flash flooding that hit west London, and the owners were keen to further protect their home.

Before and after photo: Portland stone steps

Steps covered in asphaltNew Portland stone steps

Pictured: Before and after photo showing the difference between the old asphalt-covered steps and the new Portland stone steps that our team created and installed

About our work on this project

After viewing the property, and discussing stone types with the client, we reached an agreement about costs and produced drawings.

At our workshop we hand worked Portland stone and created the steps.

Once the stone steps were ready at the workshop, we erected scaffolding with a roof over the property’s staircase. This allowed the removal of the existing steps while protecting the basement from rain and weather. The scaffolding was specifically designed to support some of the weight of the entrance portico, ensuring the structural integrity of the portico during our work on the external staircase.

The external staircase without steps

Pictured: The external staircase after we removed the steps

To install our proprietary waterproofing system we removed small sections from the bases of the portico columns.

Once the system was installed, we fitted the new bullnosed Portland stone steps onto the staircase and the door threshold. We also fitted Portland stone to a section beneath the gate that leads to the basement steps.

This project took a little over three weeks to complete, including painting and decoration. The client is extremely pleased with the look of their new external staircase and relieved that their steps are now waterproofed and ready for the rain.

Staircase prepared for stone steps

Pictured: Staircase prepared for the waterproofing layers and the new stone steps

A wider view of the new Portland stone steps

Portland stone steps and staircase in west London

Pictured: A wider view of the Portland stone steps and staircase that we created in west London

Project summary

We upgraded and waterproofed the front door stone steps of a Victorian-era home in Blenheim Crescent, Ladbroke Estate area of Notting Hill. West London, postcode: W11. We replaced asphalt-covered steps with Portland stone and period-correct staircase design.

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