Waterproofing services for steps and paving, London

The Stone Steps and Paving team have been waterproofing damaged, leaking steps and paving across London and the South East for many years. We offer two methods; our proprietary membrane layer waterproofing system, and asphalting.

Waterproofed stone steps

Pictured: Waterproofed stone steps for a London house fitted by our stonemasons. Location:  Church Road, Richmond, London, TW10

Membrane layer waterproofing

Our membrane layer waterproofing system is only available via the Stone Steps and Paving team. Essentially, we build a layered barrier structure beneath steps, that acts as a protective shield against water ingress. Membrane sheets for waterproofing are a favourite method among professional builders because they offer:

  • Seamless protection: Since the barrier layer is continuous, there are no gaps or seams where water can seep through.
  • Durability: High-quality barrier layers can last for decades, offering long-term protection against water damage.
  • Aesthetics: As the waterproofing is placed beneath the steps, the appearance of the stone is not altered.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various surfaces, including steps, basements and walls.


Steps waterproofed with a membrane layer

Pictured: A side view of the membrane layer waterproofing method – layers we insert beneath stone steps. This photo is from our steps project in Church Road, Richmond, London, TW10

Asphalt waterproofing

Fully waterproofing and replacing steps with our membrane layer system is an investment, it can be expensive.

For homeowners with leaking steps, our asphalt waterproofing service can be a more affordable option.

When applied to surfaces, asphalt (sticky black liquid bitumen) forms a waterproof barrier that’s tough to breach. Here’s why asphalt is a good choice:

  • Robust protection: Asphalt is resistant to both water and UV rays, ensuring that the surface underneath remains unscathed.
  • Flexibility: Unlike some materials that can become brittle over time, asphalt retains its flexibility, accommodating minor shifts or movements in the structure without cracking.
  • Cost-effective: In the long run, asphalt proves to be a cost-effective waterproofing solution, given its longevity and minimal maintenance requirements.
Steps waterproofed with asphalt, London home

Pictured: Steps waterproofed with asphalt by the Stone Steps and Paving team. Location: Petherton Road, Highbury, N5

Why waterproofing is important

  • Structural integrity: Properly implemented waterproofing ensures that materials within your house last longer by protecting them from dampness which could lead to rotting, rusting, or decay.
  • Health: Damp environments tend to promote mould growth and mildew.
  • Property value: A well-maintained home with high-quality waterproofed surfaces will retain its value better than one prone to leaks and related problems.
  • Return on investment: Addressing water damage can be costly. Proactive waterproofing can save property owners significant repair costs in the long run.
Asphalted waterproof steps, London home

Pictured: A closer look at asphalted waterproof steps by the Stone Steps and Paving team. Location: Petherton Road, Highbury, North London. Postcode: N5