They say that first impressions count. That being the case, you should take time to consider the different types of stone front pathway and porch area design to emphasise this visually important part of your home.

The positive news is that there is a wide scope when it comes to material and design options. When installed professionally these features will certainly add to the aesthetics of your property.

Suiting the style of your home:

Make sure the path and driveway (if there is one) form an attractive backdrop to your house front. They do not need to be too elaborate of detract from the house itself.

Unless your house is from a bygone age you should avoid such designs as ornate herringbone and opt for plainer, yet timeless designs that fit well with the actual age and character of your house.

Examples here:

  • Smaller cottages – These will suite Portland stone or old-stock brick which will give a substantial look to the front door or porch.
  • Victorian & Edwardian properties – Impressive, sturdy stone steps and porchways decorated with tessellated mosaic tiles will have the desired effect.
  • Modern designed homes – These tend to fare well when there is a backdrop of concrete or limestone paving. In this respect, the paler the colour chosen for your finish, the larger the area will appear.

Fit in with your surroundings:

Every road or street has its own ‘look’ and while you do not want to stray too far from this feel it is possible to add a touch of individuality. A neat, low key and formal design in terms of front pathway, steps and porch can be added to in order to subtly stand out.

Low maintenance options:

Those with busy lifestyles should look at main options in terms of front pathways. Attractive stone paving comes in many variations; consider bricks, slabs or permeable block paving with gravel either side being a solid, low maintenance option.

This design will require that the gravel is occasionally raked back into place, but it is far less time consuming to maintain than grass or garden area.

Stone porches:

Anyone looking to add instant curb appeal to their home should consider building a porch. By doing so it will not only be pleasing on the eye, but can also become one of the focal points of your property.

In many instances it also offers much needed storage space for coats, outdoor footwear and harder to store items.

You will also find that a well installed porchway helps reduce heat escaping from your property. With fuel costs constantly rising this should be seen as an added bonus.

Cost effective property additions:

Appointing a well-respected stone mason to complete front pathway and porch designs will afford some excellent benefits.

Their experienced eye will give them the ability to offer informed advice on your idea as well as presenting a whole range of design options for you to consider.

Once completed these features will highlight your property’s main approach and front entrance in style. Not only that, in terms of price, these are very cost- effective initiatives.

If you feel that your property will benefit from a new front pathway or porch design. Contact us today