Natural stone in any form adds tremendous beauty to your home, but the addition of marble gives a perfect touch of style to any room in your home.

Sought after for centuries:

Marble has been sought after and used for centuries. Its uniqueness is surely in the fact that no two pieces of marble are exactly the same.

While many may associate it with royalty, grand design buildings and sculptures, this natural stone is certainly not prohibitively expensive.

Not only available in pure white!

White as driven snow is a term often associated with marble and while it is true that white is the classic colour of this natural stone it also comes in a wide array of colours.

Blues, greys, greens, reds and pink are all available as well as streaked marble that really can have a stunning effect.

Rooms that will suit the addition of marble:

In truth, when professionally installed by an experienced stone mason you will find that marble can look stunning in any room and will certainly add to its ambience.

Here are some examples of the rooms in your home that make marble a worthy addition:

  • Kitchen: Your kitchen is a perfect fit for marble. It can be used as countertops that double as functional breakfast bars and as a backsplash. It is resilient, heat-resistant and very easy to clean.
  • Dining room: Marble flooring in a dining room adds sophistication and style. Not only does it look beautiful when paired with décor of a neutral tone, it gives the impression of making a space larger than it is. It must also be re-emphasised that marble flooring is extremely easy to maintain and clean.
  • Conservatory: For those who have a conservatory in which to relax or dine the inclusion of marble flooring is an excellent addition. It helps to offset natural light and offers a cooling effect.
  • Living rooms / Bedrooms: Installing marble floors in larger spaces can have a stunning effect. Through the addition of a marble fire surround or windowsill you really can create a classic looking space. Because marble does not absorb heat it also offers natural cooling of the space in which you use it.
  • Bathrooms: Marble offers a highly luxurious feel to any bathroom. It can be used as a sink counter, on walls, bathtubs and even the floor. Wherever marble is placed in your bathroom you it will brighten up the space and as an added bonus it is extremely easy to keep clean.

Unique in its own right:

Having marble professionally installed in your home offers functionality, an easy to maintain and clean surface, but more importantly it will give your home huge additional appeal.

It should also be remembered that due to its uniqueness you can be sure that no one else will have a ‘copy’!

Whether marble is used as a main focal point of any area or simply as a feature to any space, you can be assured that this majestic natural stone will add a touch of real classic style to your home.