The beauty of restoring old stone flooring in a property is something many homeowners dismiss. There are many reasons they should not!

Think twice before removing original stone flooring:

Any new property owner moving into a house that includes original stone flooring should take time to understand the potential benefits of bringing it back to its original appearance.

Restoring, cleaning and maintaining such a stunning feature is often far more beneficial than removing it completely.

This same recommendation goes to those who have room(s) with original stone floors that need care and attention in order to bring them back to their majestic self.

A very special feature:

There is no doubt than an original stone floor should be valued as something that brings appeal and character to a home.

Careful restoration of such a floor will add appeal and attraction to any home and will certainly be a focal point of any area once restored to its former glory.

Do not despair!

It is important not to be too discouraged if the original stone floor(s) in your property look old, worn, dirty and beyond repair.

The truth is, an authentic floor is something that should be cherished and classed as a very special feature of any home.

Contacting a qualified stonemason for a no obligation discussion on the actual state of your stone flooring will allow them to inspect and then assess options available for restoration.

Going down this route means you are taking a huge step in terms of adding character to your home that will be the envy of many.

Assessing the state of original stone flooring:

Things a stonemason will point out include appraising the current condition of your floor, the extent of any damage and whether there are realistic options in terms of restoration.

They will then be in a position to advise on such things as:

  • The general condition of the stone in terms of dirt and grime
  • The extent of any residue left over by previous coverings (Lino glue is a particular culprit!)
  • The state and extent of damage to grouted joints
  • The number of uneven stones – This will not always be a problem, but must be assessed
  • Any broken stones or gaps in the flooring – If replacement stone is required then this can generally be sourced
  • Damp – We have left the most serious consideration until last. If damp is involved this will be the most difficult issue to fix. It is very often not an issue but must be mentioned

Experience in stone masonry required!

Once an evaluation has taken your stonemason will be in a position to advise on work required in order to bring your beautiful stone floor back to its original glory.

This will include such important issues as:

  • Exactly what work is required
  • The methods they will use from start to finish of the project
  • The length of time restoration will take
  • Clear cost proposals with alternatives if applicable

Restoration will reap rewards:

There is no denying that the beauty of restoring old stone flooring will take time, effort and expense, but the rewards once complete will aesthetically enhance your home and bring back original character.

And please remember; once this work is complete it will be in place for many a year to come!